Ruination - Dreamfield songtekst

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Somewhere, so far
Where grass has overgrown my footsteps
The heart lies starving under the sun
Sometime I've heard recourse
Through clanging guns
Embraced by useless beauty
I denied the gun

The sun married to the moon
Singing his last croon
Crying on the silent shore
I, I'll come back and find
All what I denied
All what now I'm asking for

Disgrace, devouring jackal's race
Oh, how I wish to sink in flames
Where my mysterious dreamland dwells
Strength, to leave this tired land
Feel chance at hand
But is this what I chose?
I smell the white-blue hell.

Strength, strength to leave this land
The key is in my hand
Shall I miss this outer world?
Fly, I shall fly so high
Cleave through laden sky
To my visionary fields
The sun is buried under moon
Singing his last croon
Crying on the silent shore...
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Auteur: ?

Componist: ?

Publisher: Goldtrack Records


Uitgegeven in: 1999

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Xura (1999)

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