Sister Machine Gun

Sister Machine Gun - Bitter End songtekst

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I'm in the middle of a big frustration
I'll do anything to just bring me down
You know I never needed any conversation
I mean I'll take anything to bring me around
I'm beside myself like I'm someone else
That is living in the back of my mind
Every day I see what I cannot be
Loneliness has got to leave me be
Don't do anything for me
That I ain't what I got to be
And I'm here again
Down in the bitter end
That's a place I can not hide
And it's eating me inside
And I'm here again
Down in the bitter end
I'm in the middle of a big time nightmare
The voice of reason is lying to me
It seems I never need to be the big time winner
And the way I got here is so easy to see
It's a big mistake
But I've got to take everything that is coming my way
It's so easy now
But I dont know how I can make it through the end of the 
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