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I could have died for you, once maybe that was true
But now I've fallen to the depths of despair
I don't know why you couldn't see what you wanted me to be
But now it seems that you were being that unfair
You tied this rope around my neck
Then hung me out for all to see
I didn't know anything
You took advantage of me
I'm not expecting you to apologize
In fact, I'd give anything to hear more lies
You're not my god - but I will follow you
You're not my god - but I'll do anything for you
You're not my god - but I'll find out what I do believe
You're not my god, you're not my god
I feel so ashamed that I let you have your way
And didn't fight for what was mine all along
You always told me that nothing was guaranteed
That doesn't make it any easier to be strong
You taught me everything I know
Then left me out in the rain
I've hurt for so long
There's nothing left of my pain
I hate myself to sleep at night
I just don't care anymore what's wrong or right
Body grinder, soul finder
Sometimes I need a little reminder
Put me on the straight and narrow
Now that I'm more like an arrow
Shoot your heart out, steal your mind
I don't care about what I'll find
Time to figure out what I need
So when you cut me I don't bleed
Smash a window, cut my fist
Poke my eyes out, slit my wrist
Listen when I scream for you
Then you tell me what to do
Walk all over me, I don't care
Burn my body,?
I come up, but I won't see
Why the fuck you're killing me
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