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Nine ball in a broken glass
Put the pedal to the metal on a piece of ass
I know it doesn't mean that much to me
But thing abbout all the possibilities
Making it
Breaking it
Turn around taking it
My condition is mistaken
It always seems to sneak up from behind
I must be fucking blind
Overload, you're my overload
Come and look inside my head
In my position I'm better off dead
Get nowhere fast by lying on your back
It's like a fucking heart attack
I know it's much too good to last
That's why I'm living in the past
Where everything is black and white and I'm always right
Overload, you're my overload
Coming down on a lithium overload
Try to make it now
I take it way too slow
Wrapped up in a celluloid daydream
But i don't know what it means
I know it's way too good to last
And that's why I'm living way too fast
Don't care about anything but myself
Fuck it.
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