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I never knew there was a better way
It never did me nothing anyway
You always thought that you would know the best for me to 
Everything is black and white to you
And nothing in between
I don't know what you want
You make me want to scream
I'll never be what you want me to
And all I've got to say is to hell with you
To hell with you
I always knew that you would lie to me
And you don't think that I would ever see
Well I'm afraid that I am not what you turned out to be
I remember everything that you never did
And all your faults that you never hid
I understand all you didn't do
And all I've got to say is to hell with you
To hell with you.
I don't even want to hear about
All the ways you've got me 'figured out'
If that is all I get from you then I can do without
I remember all the times you were never mean
It's bad enough it took this long to see
I've had enough of what you put me through
And there's just one more thing
To hell with you
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