Sister Machine Gun

Sister Machine Gun - Wired songtekst

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I know you're going nowhere but I follow where you lead
It's a good thing that I'm nothing cuz its nothing that I 
I don't know why I bother
When I know what I will find
I think I'm going crazy
But it's only in my mind it's in my mind
Do I do I know I can be one soul one body one mind
Flesh to flesh is me and I leave all the rest behind
Infuse my body
I'll be one body one Christ divine
One drug is left to me and I'm wired in the vein to god
I know I'm in denial but it happens all the time
And running with the devil never used to be a crime
I don't want your sympathy you never were never were too 
I'd like to think I used you
But I know with you it's only in my mind
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