System of a Down

System of a Down - Hypnotize

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Uitgegeven door: Sony

Uitgegeven in: 2005

Album type: Full CD

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3 Reacties gevonden


Sunday 15th of January 2006 22:25

System of a Down, rocks out their best in this new album that is sequel to Mesmerize.
Most of the songs are difficult, because their fast.
Attack, Hypnotize, Holy Mountains, and even my personal favorite (Lonely Day),
are killer on this album.
For all of you S.O.A.D. fans, this is a must have.


Monday 9th of January 2006 16:03

Hypnotize ive bought it my self most of the songs are fairly hard to play in less ur one fast motherf**ker i cant keep up with some of it but over all this album is amazing the songs the intense music if u wanna rock this is the album and for under $15.00 its pretty cheep compared of some over $20.00 but i think this album could have more songs than whats there only 12 but if u havent bought this album it is one u should think about buying ....


Saturday 31st of December 2005 20:40

The new album by System of a Down is great! It was an amazing album, though a few songs need improvement. The 2 songs hypnotize and holy mountains are absolutely awesome, and the instrumental is amazing(especially the guitar parts)! i am a guitarist and a System of a Down fan and, if u liked there previous albums, you'll love this one! It's a must have for any fan! You wont be disappointed by this album! Hope you enjoy!