Testament - 7 Days

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-------- Testament

Put your life on the line
To hesitate is a waste of time
No giving in to repent
unto the system of government

It's called the People's Republic here
The propaganda so sincere
Oh, what a joke and blatant lie
from criminals ranking high


Born a political prisoner
Raised outside of the law
I'm gonna keep on fighting
until I die for a cause

Put an end to hypocrisy
Lead the way to Democracy
No longer will we play the fool
to brutalized military rule

They started forty years ago
We never could say yes or no
Million souls make our voice
We want the right to make a choice


Freedom, freedom calling
out from the pain
Freedom, freedom falling
seven days of May

They tried to show a peaceful path
then it turned into a blood bath
In the Square they plan the game
That's when the tanks of the army came.

They called the murders minmal
Described their victims as criminals
Dead souls like you and me
who only wanted free society

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