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Subject: How Do You Sleep At Night - Wade Hayes

How Do You Sleep At Night
By: Wade Hayes
CD: When The Wrong One Loves You Right
Capo 2nd Fret

Intro:  E   D   E   D  (Twice)

E                                    D                   E
I havent had a good night's sleep in weeks now thanks to you
                                 D                 E
The ghost of broken promises you made haunts every room
  Am                                     E
A hurtin' heart can't get no rest 'round here
  Am                            B
I lie awake and wonder how your conscience could be clear

G                   D
How do you sleep at night
       Am                     C
Do you toss and turn till the morning light
E                               D                 Am
Does the darkness help when you lie down with the truth
G                   D
How do you sleep at night
        Am                   C
Are you all alone or holdin' someone tight
   E                   D          B
Do you see me when you close your eyes
                                E       D      E       D
How do you sleep at night

Verse 2:

Now your side of the bed's as cold as the lies that I believed
I'm at the point when i can't even trust you in my dreams
Did the way you left me leave you feelin' proud
Or does the lonliness come callin' when the sun goes down

Repeat Chorus Twice

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