Widespread Panic

Widespread Panic - Wonderin' songtekst

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Brian Whitman 

(Quit touchin!)

I've been working
'neath The grey sky
And I'm wonderin'
Still, I'm wondering why
Must I lay low
In a room full of strangers?
Well, I'm thinking
Thinking makes the danger
My emotions they get all tangled up and
My heart has just turned 'round

Now I'm watching
Look into my t.v.
And I'm thinking
Wondering about the things I see
And I see your world
Worthless stranger
And I get thinking
Thinking starts and makes it bigger
All convictions they get all tangled up and
Our heart has just turned round, round, round again

I've been driving
Thinking about you and me
And I'm thinking
Wonderin' 'bout the things I see
When you treat your heart
Hold you like a stranger
And I've been thinking
Little thinking makes the danger
Our intentions they get all tangled up and
Our hearts have just turned round, round, round again
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Auteur: ?

Componist: ?

Publisher: Widespread Records


Uitgegeven in: 2004

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Uber Cobra (2004)

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